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Personalized Bicycle License Plates with a Jax Theme for your bike, atv, even your golf cart

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Personalized Jacksonville Theme License Plates Perfect for your ride around town!
These Jax Theme Plates are available in all sizes,  2x4, 2.25x4  2.5x4,  3x6, 4x7(atv) and even 6x12 for your car !.
Personalize with your name, county, website address, even your twitter handle, funny sayings and more.
Choose from our stock images below and personalize with your name, your town, funny sayings and more, or use the links to the left to browse our other categories or even design your own.

!! Normal Production time is 3-5 days Please choose your shipping wisely.

Plates are high quality aluminum or plastic, design effects may give some plates an embossed look, however, plates are perfectly flat, printed in full color and ship with 2 zip ties for application.

Mouse over each design for larger image and more info.
To Order Plates Scroll Down to Personalization Form Below Sample Images.

Jacksonville Main Stree Bridge Personalized Bike License Plate.
Florida replica novelty bike plate with your name.
Personalized Florida mini license plate customized with any name
Color Your World Bike Plate with Jax Skyline in mulit color paint splotches
Design available on all sized license plates.
Blue Bridge
Main Street Bridge Back Drop and personalized in 3 areas with your custom text. Perfect for those who bike jax it to work or live in the urban core.
Florida Bike Plate.
Novelty Florida License Plate with your name and custom bottom text. Personalized in center and bottom only. (except for addition of date tags which are in the top corners)
Color Your World
Personalized Colorful Jacksonville Skyline can be custom printed with your message on top, center and bottom.

it's better at the beach, jax beach that is. customize any size plate on top, center and bottom with your own text.
 sand and seashells background image on a license tag personalized with your name
Downtown Jacksonville Skyline Silhouette personalied
Freedom Fountain Bike Plate
The Freedom Fountain is available on all size plates.
The Pier
Jax Beach Pier is the perfect backdrop to personalize your name or custom message on a bike plate.
Downtown Silhouette
Our beautiful skyline is the backdrop to your name or desired text. Personalized in 3 areas.
Fountain View
Personalized Bike Plates can be custom printed with your name, your twitter handle, your website address, facebook page url etc.
Jacksonville Beach Cruiser Bike Plate
Design available on all sized license plates.

Beautiful Beach Design, Perfect for the beach lover. Can be personalized on top, center and bottom. Please note: Design effects may give embossed look, however, these plates are perfectly flat and printed in full color.
city flag license plate
Design available on all sized license plates.
Personalized Jacksonville Beach Cruiser Insignia on a black license plate, customize with any name
Jax Beach
Personalize on top, center and bottom with any text with text such as Life's A Beach, Your screen name etc.
City Flag
Proudly fly the city flag the best way bikers can, by personalizing your ride with a bike plate with your name.

Brick Wall Graffiti with your name, your call sign even your twitter handle.
keep calm and keep on cruisin beach cruiser bike plate
Design available on all sized license plates.
Toes in the Sand on Jax Beach Novelty License Plate
Want your toes instead? use the Your Design Category on the left to send us a photo of YOUR toes in the Sand.
Brick Wall
Customized with grifitti type font or the font of your choice you can personalize this plate with your name or custom text .
Keep calm
and keep cruising on.  Personalize with any name on this aqua designed plate.
Toes in the Sand
Relaxing on the Beach? Use our design or send us a picture of your toes in the sand and personalize with any text on top and center.
feel free to add date tags to your bike plate
Design available on all sized license plates.
Frames for 2.25 x 4
Available in Black, Red, Pink and Blue
Feel free to request handicap or other symbols on the plates Feel Free to request Date Tags
Use the additional info box to
let us know how you want your
plate set up/

2x4 Mini Bike Plates Aluminum  $ 9.25
2.25x4 Mini Bike Plates Aluminum with Frame  $ 11.50
2.25x4 Mini Bike Plates Aluminum NO Frame $ 9.25
2.5 X 4 Mini Scooter/Mini ATV Plates Aluminum  $ 9.25
3x6 Bike Plates Solid Plastic 3/16"thick- $ 10.25
3x6 Bike Plates Aluminum $ 9.75
4x7 Motorcycle / ATV / Scooter Plates Aluminum $ 9.95
6x12 Front Car Plate Aluminum) $ 16.95

 Aluminum 2x4 and 2.5x4 have 2 round holes on top
  3x6 & 4x7 Plates have an option of 2 top round holes or 4 slot holes  (2 top 2 bottom)
3x6 Plastic Plates have 4 holes only.
 6x12 have 4 holes only -
"These are quality, thick gauge, rust resistant, aluminum plates! Plastic 3x6 are also thick. Please note that the "stamped" appearance in some designs is a simulated, artistic effect. These plates are perfectly flat and include zip ties for installation!"

All plates are printed full color.

 Normal Production Time 3-5days (non- holiday/event times) 

No Charge for Personalization

* Plates are not for official use.  Plates are a novelty gift item!
Choose Plate Size / Material
Choose Plate Design

Text will be printed exactly as typed  ie; spelling, caps, lower case, (except if font does not allow for lower or all upper case)  Please do not use alternate keyboard characters. If you want a heart write [Heart Symbol] Please double check before submitting order.

If you want the text the same color or font as sample just put :"As Sample" in the entry box. (or as "other plate name" sample ie; font as The Pier or Font as City Flag plate sample)  You may request any windows true type -non copyrighted free font. or choose from our  Most Requested Fonts
TOP Text
between 2 holes
TOP-Color of Text
TOP-Font /Text Style

Center Text
Center-Color of Text
Center-Font /Text Style

Bottom Text
Bottom-Color of Text
Bottom-Font /Text Style
Additional Info
Please give us any additional information that we
may not have covered above
Please Double check all your information for accuracy and Check policies below before adding to cart ! 
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If you are placing an order for more than one personalized plate, Please order each plate individually within the same order by clicking add to cart, repeat personalization steps and then click add to cart. When finished adding to cart click review cart/ check out.
(unless they are the same, then personalize once add to cart- check out and change qty)


Personalized Bike Plates with your desired Text, photo, logo or artwork and or our stock graphics.
They are white Aluminum specially coated to accept your imprint. (plastic plates are no longer available to the personalization industry.  Imprint will not wash or rub off.  They can be mounted to beach cruisers, mountain bikes, cart, scooter etc with any plastic fastener or screw however, we supply 2 zip ties with each plate for application. Please follow directions from your bike manufacturer. Please take care not to over tighten.

Our Bike Plates and Car Tag plates are made aluminum, 3x6-4hole has an option of plastic. We offer a variety of sizes starting at 2" x 4", as well as 2.25 x 4"  2.5x4, 3x6, 4x7 and 6x12.  Plates may have 2 top round holes or 4 slot holes (2 on top and 2 on bottom) for application.  The 2 hole 3x6 and 4x7 plates have a UV coating which may cause the plate to appear blotchy when viewed from up close - they look fine from a distance.  The 4 hole plates are high gloss.  All Plates are perfectly flat and Printed in full color. with no set up charges!

Turn-Around Time: 
Normally ships in 3-5 days except during heavy volume holiday season. If you need your bike plate by a certain event date please be sure to let us know.

Any item that is damaged in shipping can be exchanged for an identical item with the same personalization. However, a claim must be made with the freight carrier. We are not responsible for misspelled names, (unless it is our fault) incomplete information, or for wrong items purchased. For Photo or Your Design Plates, The better the image you send us, the better your imprint will be.  Please check shopping cart carefully for accuracy before submitting as personalized products cannot be returned or refunded.

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2.25 x 4 with Frame !

Available on select designs Now in Black, Pink, Red & Blue too!

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