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Notice to other Commercial Cyclists....If your city/state is imposing restrictions or regulations for your commercial bicycle use let us know and we'll give you a page and a discount too.  Email us with your regulations on how you need your plate set up and a request for a discount code and personalized page like this one.  Plates must be for commercial use by registered businesses.

These plates can also contain your logo and any marketing blurb you would like.
Please note that guidelines are just that ... "guidelines"  You may get creative with your plates.

Normal Production Time 2-4 days   package travel time is dependant on your choice of shipping method in the shopping cart.
Personalized Commercial Bicycle License Plates for NYC Restaurants.

Personalize your delivery bicycle license plate below.  Let us know how you want it set up or feel free to submit your own image via upload or email.

We can send you a mock sample for approval prior to production.
On Aluminum plates you have the option of 2 round holes on top or 4 slot holes (2 on top and 2 on bottom)  Plastic plates are only available with 4 slot holes.  All license plates ship with 2 zip ties for application.

3x6 Bike Plates Aluminum $ each  
4x7 Plates Aluminum $  each

No Charge for Personalization

Please use coupon code NYCR in the shopping cart for a 10% discount on your order.

According to New York City Bicycle Guidelines

Your Commercial Delivery Bicycles must be "AT LEAST" 3x5
STANDARD bicycle license plate size is 3x6 which is fine.  We also have a 4x7 for those that would like a larger plate.
These guidelines recommend that both the name of your establishment and the identifying bicycle / cyclist number is at least 1" tall.  Of course if your establishment name is very long it will not fit on the plate with a 1" high letter.
Recommendations are to take the most identifying word (s) for the center top line and use the top between the holes and the bottom for your full business name, your phone number or website address.

If you are ordering several plates that will all be the same except for the number,  Set up 1  give us the list of numbers in the additional info section, Add to cart and change the quantity to your total amount of plates.
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2.25 x 4 with Frame !

Available on select designs Now in Black, Pink, Red & Blue too!

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Top Text
Printed between two top holes
Color of Text (if choosing a dark background, please choose a light text color)
Text Style
(font, bold italic etc.)

 Most Requested Fonts

Center Line 1 Business Name  ex: Joes
Center Line 2 Cyclist #  ex: A-01
Color of Center Text
Center Text Style
(font, bold italic etc.)

Bottom Text
to be printed along the bottom of plate
Color of Bottom Text 
Bottom Text Style
(font, bold italic etc)

Additional Info
If you will be ordering several plates,  Just give us the # span here,  add to cart and then change the total quantity.  example:
10 plates numbers A-01 - A-10 consecutively.
Do you need to see a mock sample prior to production?
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Personalized Bike Plates with your desired Text, photo, logo or artwork and or our stock graphics.
They are white plastic or Aluminum specially coated to accept your imprint. Imprint will not wash or rub off.   Plates ship with 2 zip ties, however, please follow directions from your bike manufacturer. Please take care not to over tighten.

Turn-Around Time: 
Normally ships in 3-5 days except during heavy volume holiday season. If you need your bike plate by a certain event date please be sure to let us know.

Any item that is damaged in shipping can be exchanged for an identical item with the same personalization. However, a claim must be made with the freight carrier. We are not responsible for misspelled names, (unless it is our fault) incomplete information, or for wrong items purchased. For Photo or Your Design Plates, The better the image you send us, the better your imprint will be.  Please check shopping cart carefully for accuracy before submitting as personalized products cannot be returned or refunded.
§ 10-157 - Bicycles used for commercial purposes
• Business must be identified on the bike by name and identification number.
• Operator must wear upper body apparel with business' name and operator's number on
the back.
• Business must provide operator with a helmet according to A.N.S.I. or Snell standards.
• Operator shall wear a helmet provided by business.
• Operator must carry and produce on demand a numbered ID card with operator's photo,
name, home address and business' name, address and phone number.
• Business must maintain log book that includes the name, identification number and
place of residence of each bicycle operator; and the date of employment and discharge.
The log book must also include information on daily trips, identifying the bicycle
operator’s identification number and name; and name and place of origin and
• Owner of business must file an annual report with the Police Department identifying the
number of bicycles it owns and the identification number and identity of any employees.

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