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Add A Novelty License to your Personalized License Plate Order.

Novelty License $

Bike, Jeep, Golf Cart, Wagon, Motorcycle, etc etc.
You can make up a license for most anything.
With or Without  photo.
You can have your address or a made up silly address.

We can design a novelty / joke license for most vehicles or professions or whatever you want to joke on someone about  ie: License to eat chocolate, License to use the office copier, etc etc.  However, we will not use copyrighted or recognized names such as "Lexus" License"  "Harley" License  etc etc. Please do not request copyrighted or trademarked material.
bike_license_no_pix.jpg (11146 bytes) jeep_license.jpg (12471 bytes)
With just a graphic (boy on bike) With both photo and graphic For boys
golf cart license - novelty fun gift chesneytractor.jpg (13919 bytes) njlic.jpg (18914 bytes)
Golf Cart Tractor State with just image
othlic.jpg (13786 bytes) michlic.jpg (16913 bytes) horselic.jpg (14364 bytes)
For Granny State with photo Horse License
mclicense.jpg (33522 bytes) Novelty License $
Kids Motorcycle License The back set up (no personalization  
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2.25 x 4 with Frame !

Available on select designs Now in Black, Pink, Red & Blue too!

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 Please Complete All Info Below
Type of License  DO NOT REQUEST ANY TRADEMARKED NAMES! (bike, jeep, golf cart, Stroller, Walker, State- etc etc)
Will license have a photo, a graphic or both? 
If graphic, what kind (bike, golf cart, flower etc)
If Photo, how will you be sending it to us?
note: Professional Photos are not accepted without the photographers release.

Links for upload or email photo below.

Street Address
(can be real or made up)ex: 2 Youngtodriveon Highway)
City, State, Zip
LicenseID # (if not supplied we'll make one up)
Sex /Gender
Eyes (color)
Hair (color)
Class (if not supplied " High " will be used)
Issue Date:
Expiration Date (can use date or upon receipt of training wheels, motor vehicle etc etc)

If you are not sending a photo please skip this part.

DO NOT SEND ANY IMAGES THAT CONTAIN COPYRIGHTED OR TRADEMARKED MATERIAL!!!   Professional photographs require a release from the photographer

Upload your image
Upload Instructions
Email address (required to match your photo to your order)

Image Requirements
Small versions of your images should appear here Some image types may appear as a broken box, but We will still receive the file.
Additional Information:
Please give us any additional information that we may not have covered above.  
Please make sure you've filled in ALL information

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Personalized License is a Novelty Gift Item.
This item is not meant to replace any official license or ID. This is not a valid Photo ID. It is purely a joke gift for adults and a fun gift for children to make them feel grown up. This is a laminated product
Turn-Around Time: Normally ships in 3-5 days except during heavy volume holiday season. 

Guarantee: Any item that is damaged in shipping can be exchanged for an identical item with the same personalization. However, a claim must be made with the freight carrier. We are not responsible for misspelled names, (unless it is our fault) incomplete information, or for wrong items purchased. The better the photo you send us, the better your imprint will be.  Please check shopping cart carefully for accuracy before submitting as personalized products cannot be returned or refunded.

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